BTI Online PD | 2020

BTI is offering PLD particularly for Intermediate, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Teachers who know there has ‘got to more than this’ to Christian Education. 

Exploration! Collaboration! Connection!

Explore how theoretical ideas about Christian education influence practice in your subject space, in your context or with your age range.

Connect your passion for Christian education with the reality of your teaching context.

The WHAT?  BTI is inviting participation in a community of learning designed to enable teachers to explore, collaborate and connect how Christian education priorities, principles and pedagogies can be woven into the reality of the educational spaces in which we teach. Facilitated by Peter Maslin, this PLD explores how Christian teachers can make curriculum choices to shape learning experiences which enable their students to “clothe the biblical worldview with visible lives” (Greene, 1998, p. 275).

The HOW?  Using the Digital Learning Platform, COLLABORATE, you will join a network of likeminded Christian teachers who are passionate about exploring how to better enable the Christian story to be lived in learning.  Before each face to face online session (FTFS), participants will be provided with an article chosen for its potential to stimulate, challenge and inspire transformative pedagogies. Between sessions (FTFB) you will explore, collaborate and connect with people and ideas as you develop transformational pedagogies.   Subsequent sessions will involve opportunity to share how you worked with the ideas and how they are influencing their teaching – and more importantly- students’ learning. 


  • FTFS - Once a term - late Feb, early June, early September and early November.
  • FTFB - Once a fortnight, meet in self-selected interest groups

COST?  $150 +GST per teacher (for the year)

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