NZACS draft Strategic Plan 2020-2022

The aims of the New Zealand Association for Christian Schools are to further the interests of Christian schooling by:

  • Providing high quality support to member schools
  • Providing schools with professional development based on a Christian worldview
  • Providing effective leadership development

Draft Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Strategy 1. To build strategic educational connections and relationships for the support of schools through the following means:

    1. Support regional coordinators
    2. Develop ACSI connection
    3. Build relationships with other organisations that may mutually be beneficial to NZACS and its member schools (proprietorships, APIS, AIS, Kahui Ako, Oati)

Strategy 2. To offer or promote professional development through the means of conferences, regional PLD and online material, in support of:

    1. Leaders (current, aspirational and those new to Christian education)
    2. Teachers (current and those new to Christian education)
    3. School Boards of Trustees

Strategy 3. To promote Christian education in the wider community for the purposes of:

    1. Increased pupil numbers in Christian schools
    2. Attracting existing and training Christian teachers into Christian education
    3. Attracting existing Christian leaders into Christian education
    4. Increasing articulating of Christian education amongst those already involved

Strategy 4. To develop and implement strategies that support Christian education in Aotearoa New Zealand.

    1. Pilot project supporting bi-cultural understanding
    2. Building relationships with organisations that could provide resources to all schools (see strategic aim 1)